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what is 32-30 ammo

The 32-20 ammo has a lot of potential when talking from the varmint or deer hunting perspective. Winchester introduced this ammunition as the first small game lever-action cartridge, also known as 32 WCF. Though the 32-20 ammo was initially produced in 1882 as a black-powder cartridge for small hunting games, Colt later modified it, and a single-action revolver chamber was added to this cartridge a few years later for improved performance.

The .32-20 Winchester, also known as the .32 WCF (Winchester Center Fire) or .32-20 WCF, is a vintage cartridge with an interesting history. Here’s some information about the .32-20 ammo:

1. Origin and Development: The .32-20 cartridge was introduced by Winchester in 1882 for their Model 1873 lever-action rifles. It was initially designed as a black powder cartridge but later adapted for smokeless powder use. The name “.32-20” refers to the caliber (.32) and the approximate powder charge in grains (20).

2. Caliber and Cartridge Design: The .32-20 is a centerfire cartridge with a bullet diameter of .312 inches (7.92mm) and a case length of around 1.3 inches (33mm). It is a bottlenecked cartridge, meaning the case diameter becomes smaller as it progresses towards the neck. The bottleneck design aids in smooth feeding and reliable extraction in lever-action rifles.

3. Ballistics and Performance: The .32-20 is a mild-mannered cartridge suitable for small game hunting, target shooting, and plinking. Factory loads typically fire a bullet weighing between 80 to 115 grains. The velocity ranges between 900 to 1,200 feet per second (275 to 365 meters per second), depending on the bullet weight.

4. Revolver Usage: In addition to lever-action rifles, the .32-20 cartridge was also chambered in certain revolvers, most notably Colt’s Single Action Army (SAA) and Smith & Wesson’s Hand Ejector series. Revolver loads usually contained a lighter bullet and a lower powder charge compared to rifle loads.

5. Availability and Collectibility: The .32-20 cartridge has a long history and remains available today, although it’s not as widely popular as some other calibers. You can find both factory-loaded ammunition and reloading components, including brass, bullets, and reloading dies, for those who prefer to reload their own cartridges. Vintage Winchester and other collectible ammunition can also be found, though they may be more sought after by collectors.

32-20 ammo


The commonly used term 32-20 ammo means the 32 caliber bullet of .312 inches diameter and a standard black powder charge of 20 grains (1.3 g). This 32 20 ammo can also be used for deer hunting and can pass for being an all-rounder cartridge. The rimmed and bottleneck case type of 32-20 ammo allows a faster speed, so while engaging in small hunting games; it enables accuracy and speed.

The 32-20 ammo has achieved itself a name as the best option for precision in rifles, and the best choice for that is handguns that have been chambered for it. Since it hardly destroys any meat due to its bottleneck shape and diameter, experts suggest using 32-20 ammo if you are new at hunting or shooting. You can get 32-20 ammo for sale anywhere; however, reach a trustworthy shop or e-commerce store to purchase it for the best hunting experience.

Advantages of 32-20 ammo

The .32-20 cartridge, despite its age, offers several advantages that contribute to its appeal and continued usage. Here are some advantages of the .32-20 ammo:

1. Versatility: The .32-20 cartridge is a versatile round suitable for various shooting applications. It can be used for small game hunting, plinking, target shooting, and even self-defense at close ranges. With a range of bullet weights available, you can tailor the cartridge to meet your specific needs.

2. Low Recoil: The .32-20 ammo generates relatively low recoil compared to larger and more powerful cartridges. This makes it an excellent choice for shooters who are sensitive to recoil or those who prefer a gentle shooting experience. The manageable recoil allows for faster follow-up shots and improved accuracy.

3. Economical: The .32-20 cartridge tends to be more economical than some other, larger calibers. It’s typically available at a lower cost, making it an affordable option for target practice and plinking. Additionally, if you reload your own ammunition, the components for the .32-20 are often readily available, further reducing costs.

4. Historical Charm: The .32-20 cartridge has a rich history, tied to classic lever-action rifles and revolvers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Many firearms enthusiasts appreciate the nostalgia and historical significance associated with shooting this cartridge. It can provide a connection to the past and a unique shooting experience.

5. Availability: While not as common as some other cartridges, the .32-20 ammo is still produced by various manufacturers today. It can be found in both factory-loaded configurations and as reloading components, ensuring a reliable supply for those who shoot this caliber.

It’s worth mentioning that the .32-20 cartridge does have limitations. Its effectiveness for large game hunting and long-range shooting is limited due to the relatively low velocity and energy of the round. However, within its intended applications, it can be a highly enjoyable and viable choice.


Type Rifle or Pistol
Country of origin The United States
Designer Winchester Repeating Arms Company
Year 1882
Case Type Rimmed, Bottleneck
Primer Type Small Pistol
Maximum CUP 16,000 CUP
Ballistic performance 85 gr (6 g)- 1100 ft/s (340 m/s)

115 gr (7 g)- 900 ft/s (270 m/s)


This small hunting game 32-20 ammo can result in varied energy and pressure levels for handloading based on the firearm action’s condition and strength. But majorly, the 32-20 ammo is subdivided based on bullet mass or type; 85 gr JHP and 115 gr CL produce the energy of 309 joules (228 ft. lbf) and 281 joules (207 ft. lbf ), respectively. As a result of the low power of the 32-20 ammo, it is a very good ammunition option for hunters as 32-20 ammo for sale does not destroy meat deeply and can be used for a distance of up to 100 yards (91 meters). 32-20 ammo cartridges are almost safe and inexpensive to use; however, due to the thin walls of the cartridge case, precaution is advised to the reloader.


The 32-20 ammo has reached popularity for different reasons, the foremost being that it is the most practical option for early shooting learners and hunting lovers. With a maximum copper unit of pressure of 16,000 CUP, the 32 20 ammo provides a great hunting experience by aiding better trigger pull. The older cartridges are the best option when searching for the 32 20 ammo for sale: early Winchester Model 73 & 92, Smith & Wesson revolvers, and the older Colts. If you want to experience the maximum pressure loads of the 32 20 ammo, the factory-type loads and reloads imitating the factory-type loads will be the safest.

The 35-20 ammo is also the inspiration for daughter cartridges, so go for 25-20 ammo to switch to a necked-down version of 32-20 ammo. Refer to a trusted platform and find the availability of 32-20 ammo for sale and inspire the best small hunting experience. Talking about 32-20 ammo for sale, Ammomarsh is the best option to opt out.

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